You need a good voice to tell a story.

You also need intelligent journalistic solutions to make the most of your texts.

Dan Wesker has worked on numerous Documentaries.

He has done promotional trailers for MDR and podcasts for BMW, DHL, and Mercedes. He’s spoken many museum guides and over the last two years, has also built up a large repertoire of character voices for numerous audio city tours and cartoons.

Dan Wesker not only offers you a deep, rich, versatile voice.
He also brings creative ideas to any project and has the ability to turn a phrase, helping to fine tune your texts.

It could be exactly what you need, whatever your project.

Dan Wesker - Portrait
Dan Wesker

Age range
Vocal timbre
Native language
Audio books, animation, advertising, documentary, moderation, podcasts, jingles, presentations, songs.

Additional services
German-English translation
All too often the rhythm and expressions of one language don’t translate from one language to the next.

Dan Wesker has a fascination with getting texts right and has now lived in Germany for 24 years.

He’ll go that extra length to make sure that your translation is speaking the same language as you.

German-English Proofreading
Sometimes translation services are not enough.

To be confident that your text is free from errors and typos it is generally recommended to let it be proofread, even if it is only a short text.

With a focus on getting the translation just right, I will help you to be sure that your content is just as you imagined.

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Worked for three and half years as a journalist and English newsreader for MDR Radio Sputnik and now have my own radio show on Detektor FM.


  • XMG-gaming
  • BMW-Nothing else matters
  • Next Bike
  • Immonet – Studio Funk, Berlin
  • Zend-Fiat Link – Bromologic, Leipzig
  • DHL – Schoßig productions, Leipzig
  • ‚Baroque Superstar‘ – DIGIM Digital images GmbH, Halle (Saale)
  • Microsoft Dynamics AX system – sw-pro Film & Fernsehproduktion, Leipzig


  • Lange & Söhne – Studio Hamburg
  • Hyundai – Studio Funk, Berlin
  • Fujitsu – Schroederamrhein medienproduktion, Leipzig
  • Presentation for „Nutella“ – Bromologic studios, Leipzig


  • MDR symphony orchestra – Schroederamrhein medienproduktion, Leipzig
  • „Das früh Vogel“ – DIGIM Digital images GmbH, Halle (Saale)
  • The Fridge Affair – European Animation Masterclass (Halle an der Salle)

Audio/City guides

  • Frankfurt am Main – i-Guide Media GmbH, Weimar
  • Regensburg – i-Guide Media GmbH, Weimar
  • Furth – iGuide KULTURAUFNAHME GmbH
  • Meißen – itour city guide GmbH
  • Bamberg – itour city guide GmbH
  • Braunschweig – itour city guide GmbH
  • Kalkriese Park – itour city guide GmbH
  • Passau – itour city guide GmbH
  • Schlossmuseum Peuerbach – iGuide KULTURAUFNAHME GmbH
  • Mildenstein – iGuide KULTURAUFNAHME GmbH
  • Altenberg – itour city guide GmbH
  • Ansbach – itour city guide GmbH
  • Eisleben – itour city guide GmbH
  • Königsfelden – i-Guide Media GmbH, Weimar
  • Kempten – itour city guide GmbH
  • Diesdorf – i-guide KULTURAUFNAHME GmbH
  • Königsfelden – i-Guide Media GmbH, Weimar­
  • 1000 Masterpieces/Emil Nolde – DIGIM Digital images GmbH, Halle (Saale)

  • Halberstadt Cathedral – Werkblende film & fern. GbR, Leipzig
  • Merseburg Cathedral – Werkblende film & fern. GbR, Leipzig
  • Der Naumburger Meister – Werkblende film & fern. GbR, Leipzig
  • Quedlinburg – Werkblende film & fern. GbR, Leipzig
  • Sergiu Celibidache – ‚Feuerkopf und Philosoph‘ – Digital images GmbH, Halle (Saale)


  • Sachsische Schweiz- Multivision show – Ottonia Media, Leipzig
  • ‚Tiere und Chernoybl‘ – Ottonia Media, Leipzig
  • Hitler‘s Airmen & Mars experiment – Ottonia Media, Leipzig
  • Handel – DIGIM Digital images GmbH, Halle (Saale)
  • Cropcircles – NuoViso Filmproduction, Leipzig
  • Bosnia‘s minefield Bears & Last jaguars of Guatemala – Ottonia Media, Leipzig
  • The Athenia atrocity – Ottonia Media, Leipzig
  • Michael Nyman – MONARDA Arts GmbH, Halle (Saale)

Company profiles/industrial

  • BMW – Bromologic studios, Leipzig
  • Bosch Marketing systems – Bromologic studios, Leipzig
  • DHL – Ottonia Media, Leipzig
  • Siemens-Steam Power Turbines – News Doc GmbH, Leipzig
  • Daimler Benz – Independant
  • Euro-fonds – Thomm TV, Leipzig
  • BentelerStahl – iGuide KULTURAUFNAHME GmbH
  • Falz machine – HDWK Leipzig, Leipzig
  • Deckel Maho – sw-pro Film & Fernsehproduktion, Leipzig
  • Binamic ESD Foot orthoses – Werkblende film & fern. GbR, Leipzig
  • IFB Adiposity centre – Telekine fernsehproduktion, Leipzig
  • Comfort-Sports orthoses – Werkblende film & fern. GbR, Leipzig
  • Diana X115 – The Phonetics Group, Leipzig
  • EFZ – sw-pro Film & Fernsehproduktion, Leipzig


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