You need a good voice to tell a story.
You also need intelligent journalistic solutions to make the most of your texts.

Dan Wesker not only offers you a deep, rich, versatile voice.

He can also turn a phrase. Helping you, to fine tune, your texts.
It could be exactly what you need for your project.

Dan Wesker - Portrait

Straight Voice

Over the years, Dan Wesker’s voice has been used, among others, by the BBC, Arte, MDR…

Dan Wesker - Portrait

Character Voice

Dan Wesker has theatre in his blood and has a long list of audio guides, where…

Dan Wesker - Portrait

Ad Voice

Whether it’s the man next door or something more luxurious, Dan Wesker’s voice has the character,…

Dan Wesker - Portrait

Additional services

All too often the rhythm and expressions of one language don’t translate from one language to …